Affirmative Action

When you are negatively influenced by others, you are not powerless. The power lies within you to take Affirmative Action. Starting with your own self.

Stuart Smalley certainly was on the right track with his daily affirmations: “I am good enough, I am strong enough, and gosh darnit! People like me”. But the amazing thing is, when you are able to have a positive influence on yourself, you not only have an added layer of protection against adversity, you will radiate positivity to influence others in your life.

This is actually a double whammy because you are consciously battling against the grumpy and moody (this doesn’t include people with Depression, which is serious and needs professional healing and restorative action) daredevils with an impenetrable shield of sunshine AND you have an abundance of love for others and yourself. The “Negative Ninny” is likely unaware of their situation, thus leaving their guard down — usually early in the day or very late in the evening.

Now, it’s important that you aren’t annoying, you really need to give others the space and time. But you hold the secret! Anything that you don’t welcome into your Aura will NOT get in touch with your state of being. It takes time to train ourselves not to take things personally, and that means you might be allowing small hurts in, or are absorbing data in terms of negabytes. But not for too long.

Once we recognize and accept that only people we respect, love and support are part of our Village, we can see clearly. We have the ability to understand that our beloved Villagers themselves, might be struggling with the idea of self Affirmation and Affection (causing their ornery outward influences)… whether it’s just for a brief moment or a sequence of lingering ones; and with this, we have the option to lead by example.

If you don’t want to to say your affirmations out loud, consider writing them down and reciting them internally, or listening to some audio versions. Take deep breaths to really believe that you are worth receiving what your amiable disposition will attract.

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